Lidl has launched a new premium single malt whisky within it’s Ben Bracken range – a Ben Bracken 23 year old Speyside whisky for £39.99 per bottle.

Whisky expert Blair Bowman commented, “The Ben Bracken 23 year old whisky is incredibly versatile, working just as well before Christmas dinner as it does with Christmas pudding or chocolates as a finisher. An easy drinking and very enjoyable whisky that still has layers of complexity to it, The Ben Bracken 23 year old Speyside has a perfect balance of zesty citrus fruits, warming Christmas spices and rich sweetness. It will certainly appeal to new whisky drinkers and whisky connoisseurs alike.

“The whisky is very well rounded with layers that unravel over time. This whisky lends itself well to pairing with traditional Christmas desserts or simply sharing a dram with family and friends. It is an excellent whisky to toast a special celebration, whether from a hip flask while watching Hogmanay fireworks, or in a comfy chair by a fire as a digestive after Christmas dinner, or simply as a treat to yourself for surviving the Boxing Day sales.”

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