Monday, April 12, 2021
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The Port of Leith distillery now under construction

Ian Stirling

The long awaited return if whisky distilling to Leith is taking shape with the construction of a state of the art distillery beside Ocean Terminal Shopping Centre and The Royal Yacht Britannia.

The first purpose-built single malt distillery to be constructed in the capital for over a century was founded by Ian Stirling and Patrick Fletcher.

The distillery will bring a distinctive, new approach to Scotch whisky production by focusing on fermentation; a key part of the production process that is rarely highlighted to consumers.

Ian, previously head of Off-Trade sales at London merchant Roberson Wine, said: “The first step to making whisky is making a beer and as any beer fan will know, there is a whole world of possibilities in that process. We want to play with those possibilities, ferment something special, and then distil a delicious lowland whisky.”

Watch a summary of the story below:

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