Harviestoun launches 0.0% ABV dark ale

Wheesht from Harviestoun

Scottish brewer, Harviestoun has launched a new 0/0% ABV dark ale. The new brew, called Wheesht, was made by master brewer Stuart Cail.

Stuart Cail said “On one day I tasted 18 of low alcohol beers back-to-back and then tasted ours. My thinking was: ‘well, it’s better than any of them’, so after a few tweaks we went straight to bottle. And very proud of Wheesht we are!”

Managing director Stuart Cook said he hopes the Wheesht, which has an RRP of £1.15 per 33cl bottle, will become “the nation’s favourite zero-alcohol ale.”

He said “Wheesht is the latest addition to our portfolio and we really believe that we haven’t sacrificed flavour in our search for an alcohol-free beer.”

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