Indie Beer Shop Day collaborations announced

With 5 weeks to go till the first national Indie Beer Shop Day celebration in July, the anticipated three national brewery collaborations have now been announced. With representation from across the UK including Pilot in Leith, Scotland, Abbeydale Brewery in Sheffield, South Yorkshire and Reading’s Double Barrelled Brewery; who will each release an official collaboration beer. These beers will be exclusively available in the 80+ independent beer shops who have signed up for the event, from around the country. News of the beer styles and ingredients will be released in the coming weeks. All the breweries have an independent ethos and have actively supported the beer shop sector throughout the pandemic. 

Indie Beer Shop Day’s goal is to aid a coordinated recovery and revitalisation of each local high street up and down the UK. Much like Record Store Day with its anticipated special vinyl releases increasing and pushing a positive footfall and revenue impact. In addition their will be local level unique beer collaborations, to discover and hunt out, releasing on Saturday July 17th. Driving much needed excitement and a positive spotlight on this hard-working group of small businesses. The national beer collaborations will be available in a two week run up to the day, launching in stores from Friday July 2nd. Culminating the celebration on the day of Sat July 17th, will be an evening virtual beer tasting hosted by renowned beer broadcaster and writer Pete Brown. Enabling beer shops and their customers globally to meet online, share a beer together, toast the safe return of their beloved retail venues and champion local breweries. We hope to welcome everyone along on the day for celebrations across the physical and virtual high street. Expect events, exclusive beer collaborations and more throughout the day across the whole of the UK; from Perth to Truro, from Whitley Bay to Cardiff, Yorkshire and everywhere in between. 

#IndieBeerShopDay has been organised by a group of five independent UK beer shops who have forged a path together to highlight their sector and host this annual celebration. Shouting about the vibrancy and positive footfall these businesses drive to their local high streets, input and support to their local economy and ultimately their community and beer supply chain. Often beer conversations focus across on and off trade, with off trade only spotlighting the supermarket sector. As passionate owner-operators, beer shops aka ‘the local bottleshop’ are important places on consumer’s beer discovery and journey. Often places where consumers can spend longer and valuable time searching, finding and learning more about the wonderful world of beer – breweries, history and beer styles. Whether it’s their first time exploring craft beer or their regular visit – always guided by friendly and welcoming beer shop staff. The indie beer shop sector is a vital link and valuable connection between brewery and customer within their communities. 

Many high streets have been suffering prior to the pandemic with footfall due to complex challenges including the encroachment of large online companies who are able to operate on slim margins and undercut competition with lower operational cost bases. In addition in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, the UK high street has suffered a catastrophic year. For every £1 spent in a local business, around 50-70p recirculates back into the local economy. Showing the great value local businesses bring to their community and economy. For the same £1 spent out of town or online only 5p trickles back into the local economy. Which is why Indie Beer Shop Day feels so passionate about supporting its sector. 

If customers don’t have a local beer shop and rely on mail order for accessibility, remaining beers will be made available online from Monday July 19th across the independent beer shop network. With the virtual tasting available to rewatch on Instagram Live TV via the Indie Beer Shop Day account. Focusing on making the event as inclusive as possible.  

Twitter: @BeerShopDayUK

Instagram: @indiebeershopday



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