Spotlight – Arbikie Highland Estate Distillery

It’s a road I have travelled on many times.

Running between Arbroath to Montrose the A92 leads to the A90, which then goes north to Aberdeen or south to Edinburgh.

About four miles past the village of Inverkeilor, if you glance to your left, you won’t be able to miss the previously quite low key Arbikie Highland Estate Distillery, now resplendent with its new signage. 

This signage is part of the marketing plan that ensures passers-by don’t miss the brand new visitor centre which will be opening there soon.

The Arbikie Estate has been in the Stirling family for four generations and is a working farm perched on the east coast of Angus, overlooking Lunan Bay. However, it was just over ten years ago that the focus changed when three of the Stirling brothers, John, Iain and David, the visionaries and driving force behind the Arbikie Distillery, decided that it was time to adapt.

Together in a New York bar co-owned by David, the brothers hatched the plan to turn Arbikie into a highly innovative field‐to‐bottle distillery. 

This ideal team has a skill set completed with Iain’s drinks industry background and John’s tenure as an accountant at KPMG.

The brothers have the commercial and agricultural knowledge to intuitively understand the best way to develop the land, sowing techniques and harvesting methods that create Arbikie’s field-to-bottle spirits.

With a current range including Gin, Vodka and Rye Whisky the distillery produces 14 different varieties and flavours of spirits, including Chilli Vodka and Nadar Gin, the self-proclaimed “Greenest Gin on the Market”.

You will soon be able to visit Arbikie Distillery to get a better understaing of the process and see for yourself a sustainable, field-to-bottle distillery where they grow, distil, mature and bottle the spirits all on site.

Find out more about their world leading sustainability production techniques at

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